NASCAR Decries Indiana Anti-Gay Law

NASCAR has issued a statement expressing its disappointment with Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s decision to signing the "Religious Freedom Rights Act" into law, an act which could give Indiana businesses the right to refuse service to LGBT customers. » 3/31/15 2:26pm Yesterday 2:26pm

Read The Bullshit Charts A "Scientist" Is Hawking To Sports Teams

Every team wants the perfect draft pick. It's a deceptively simple-sounding goal that haunts every executive in sports, because they are being asked to do the nearly impossible—predict what human beings will do. Sure, every few years a player like Andrew Luck or Bryce Harper comes along who simply can't fail (even… » 3/13/15 3:14pm 3/13/15 3:14pm

Feel Old With Our "How Many Pro Athletes Are Younger Than You?" Tool

An important milestone on your inexorable march toward bleak death is the sudden realization that most professional athletes are younger than you are. To help this along, the tool below calculates the percentage of players in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB who are already younger than you are at this very moment. » 4/30/14 2:07pm 4/30/14 2:07pm

Chris Duhon Injured In Hit-And-Run

Chris Duhon, last seen with the Lakers and currently a free agent, was injured after being intentionally hit by a car on Saturday night in downtown Orlando. » 10/15/13 2:10pm 10/15/13 2:10pm

The Warriors Hazed Rookie Festus Ezeli By Removing His Car's Tires

They also hid the tires in different spots, and even filmed Ezeli's reaction. Still not as bad as what they did last week to Kent Bazemore's car. Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green are hereby warned to keep an eye on their rides. » 4/16/13 1:35pm 4/16/13 1:35pm

Why Is One Of The NBA's All-Time Greatest Scorers Working As A Crossing…

Day after day, Adrian Dantley hangs out on a street corner in his hometown, like some cliché of a pitiful ex-ballplayer years after his athletic prime. But Dantley's neither a cliché, nor is he pitiful. He's a crossing guard. » 3/15/13 12:50pm 3/15/13 12:50pm

Jason Kidd Arrested On DUI Charges In The Hamptons

According to Southampton Town police, Jason Kidd was arrested early Sunday morning (during the midnight shift) for alleged drunken driving. » 7/15/12 12:31pm 7/15/12 12:31pm

Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Is Selling His Homemade Painted Suzuki

If you are in the market for a hideous car made even more hideous by a custom paint job, today is your lucky day. Drew Hooper, who can only be described as a Thunder super fan, decided to spruce up his 1996 Suzuki X-90 in really the only way a 1996 Suzuki X-90 can be spruced up: he painted Thunder players' faces on it. » 7/02/12 8:30am 7/02/12 8:30am

Ex-NBA Star Tries To Frame Non-Existent Passenger For DWI

Former Nets star Jayson Williams, who accidentally shot someone and tried to cover it up, crashed his Mercedes G-Wagen this morning while allegedly driving drunk. Williams claimed he wasn't the driver, but there was no else in the SUV. [WCBS-TV] » 1/05/10 3:30pm 1/05/10 3:30pm

Birdman Copies Shaq, Buys Ginormous SportChassis P4XL SUV

The Denver Nuggets' Chris Andersen has joined Shaq and purchased one of the largest SUVs on the planet, the 6.5-ton SportChassis P4XL. Birdman's modified his with a chrome grille and 22.5" rims. [CelebrityCarz] » 11/30/09 10:30am 11/30/09 10:30am

Kings Rookie Donté Greene Foolishly Screws With Bobby Jackson's…

After getting pranked for failing to bring fruit to practice, Sacramento Kings rookie Donté Greene decided to get revenge. AMG CL63? Check. Dog Food? Check. Soy Sauce? Check. Assorted Condiments? Check. Bad idea? Double Check. » 3/13/09 4:30pm 3/13/09 4:30pm

Ad Watch: Dwyane Wade's Dream Is To Give Away A Lincoln Navigator?

I'm really not sure why Ford keeps needing to attach celebrities to its ad campaigns — like this new commercial starring NBA superstar Dwyane Wade by the folks at Young & Rubicam of the especially blingtastic 2007 Lincoln Navigator — complimenting the already celeb-heavy "Bold Moves" campaign and of course Toby… » 11/19/06 2:06pm 11/19/06 2:06pm