All The Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

They don’t call it the ‘Silent Service’ for nothing. The world of U.S. Navy submarine operations may be shadowy, but it’s full of rich culture, honed over years of stuffing bus loads of sailors into a steel tubes for months on end. Out of this unique environment, some colorful terminology has sprung. »6/02/15 3:14pm6/02/15 3:14pm

Watch Our Timelapse Video Of The USS San Antonio Sliding Into New York

As you may have already heard, last week we flew on an MV-22 Osprey as part of New York’s Fleet Week festivities. What you may have glossed over is that we were heading to land, well, not on land at all per se, but on the deck of the USS San Antonio. And this is how gorgeous and New York Harbor is on a May afternoon. »5/29/15 5:21pm5/29/15 5:21pm

Watch The Navy's Hyper Velocity Projectile Rip Through These Plates

The Office of Naval Research is getting ready to deploy their electromagnetic Railgun for testing for the first time next year. But what is a gun without ammo? The Hyper Velocity Projectile is being built for not the just the Railgun alone, but also for existing 5 inch deck guns as well. And yes, it is very, very fast. »5/17/15 4:10pm5/17/15 4:10pm

Spying on the U.S. Submarine That Spies For the NSA and CIA


Everyone saw the USS Annapolis come home last year. It returned, poignantly, on Sept. 11, and there was a seriousness amid the usual dockside fanfare—sailors meeting newborn children for the first time, a school band playing "Anchors Aweigh." But there was no mention of the boat's secret missions. »4/12/15 1:47pm4/12/15 1:47pm

A Beginner's Guide to Navy-Strength Rum

The Royal Navy's successful invasion of Jamaica in 1655 had a lot of terribly negative outcomes. The commanders ended up in the Tower of London. Many of the English sailors fell sick or starved. A lot of Spanish settlers died. But there was one undeniably positive outcome: rum. »3/27/15 4:55pm3/27/15 4:55pm

Oh, and if you want to get really…

Watch The Deckhouse Of The Most Futuristic Ship Drop Into Place

No matter which way you slice it, the new Zumwalt-class destroyer is one of the most futuristic ships in the world. That sort of futurism isn't limited to its operations on water. It starts even while it's being built, as they basically snap the whole thing into place like Lego bricks. »1/13/15 5:54pm1/13/15 5:54pm

This Beloved Carrier Captain Has A Great Shtick 

We've all had terrible bosses. The worst part about them is watching their bad attitude flow down to lower ranks. It's like putting a leaky can of bleach above a bread rack, over time it all gets tainted. Capt. Thomas Parker was not one of those bosses. He clearly loved what he did, taking his forward deployed carrier… »12/03/14 3:31pm12/03/14 3:31pm

The Navy's Future War Plan Includes Swarms Of Heavily Armed Sea Robots

There are three things that an aircraft carrier fears. One of them is a massive swarm of tiny boats, each of them carrying outsized armaments. Sure you might get one, five, even ten of them. But you can't stop 200. So to get in on the game, the US Navy's building a swarm of their own. But the Navy's has a computerized… »10/06/14 6:14pm10/06/14 6:14pm

This US Navy Battleship Sported Two Swimming Pools

The USS New Jersey, one of the great Iowa Class Battleships, was reactivated in the late 1960s to serve during the height of the Vietnam War. Her forward 40mm guns were removed during a very light and expedited refit before deploying. These now empty "gun tubs" were then sealed and piped, painted blue and made into… »9/21/14 3:31pm9/21/14 3:31pm

The Navy Wants to Mount an Anti-UAV Laser on a Hummer--A Hummer!

The Office of Naval Research has just announced another breakthrough in its efforts to bring laser-based weapons to future battlefields. What once could only be accommodated by a tractor trailer now fits neatly in the back seat of a Humvee. It's only a matter of time until our armed forces march off to war with GI… »6/17/14 2:26pm6/17/14 2:26pm

Exclusive Photo: USNS Montford Point, The Navy's New Sea Base

A good friend and fellow aviation photographer Paul Carter captured the Navy's new floating sea base right as it left Vigor Marine in Portland Oregon. The ship was receiving the retrofits needed for it to become a giant floating logistical node that will support a large amphibious force under austere basing conditions. »4/25/14 10:32pm4/25/14 10:32pm

The Navy's Seawater-To-Fuel System: Can I Use It In My Car?

Last week, the US Navy flew a model airplane with a small 2-stroke engine. That's not normally news, except for one big detail: the fuel the plane burned was made from seawater via a process the Navy has been working on for years. Let's look a little into what this sorcery is, and if it'll ever power our cars. »4/15/14 4:00pm4/15/14 4:00pm