The Ohio-Class Guided Missile Nuclear Submarine Is One Dangerous Beast

Four of the U.S. Navy’s gargantuan Ohio-class ballistic missile nuclear submarines, otherwise known as ‘Boomers,’ were converted into multi-role platforms capable of deploying throngs of special forces, spying, sinking ships and other subs and and putting any enemy within 1,000 miles of coast at risk of their arsenal… » 6/24/15 3:25pm 6/24/15 3:25pm

U.S. Navy Steps on "Bugs," Takes Down "Monsters," Crushes "Our Country" To Win New Detroit Ad Award

[MCD is a legend in the Detroit auto advertising community who'll be contributing every once in a while as the mood strikes by providing an inside-the-8-mile take on the ad business. — Ed.] DETROIT- This past Wednesday night, the 'merican automotive capital of the world held the first annual "D Show" — a celebration… » 12/03/07 11:00am 12/03/07 11:00am