The Ohio-Class Guided Missile Nuclear Submarine Is One Dangerous Beast

Four of the U.S. Navy’s gargantuan Ohio-class ballistic missile nuclear submarines, otherwise known as ‘Boomers,’ were converted into multi-role platforms capable of deploying throngs of special forces, spying, sinking ships and other subs and and putting any enemy within 1,000 miles of coast at risk of their arsenal… »6/24/15 3:25pm6/24/15 3:25pm


U.S. Navy Steps on "Bugs," Takes Down "Monsters," Crushes "Our Country" To Win New Detroit Ad Award

[MCD is a legend in the Detroit auto advertising community who'll be contributing every once in a while as the mood strikes by providing an inside-the-8-mile take on the ad business. — Ed.] DETROIT- This past Wednesday night, the 'merican automotive capital of the world held the first annual "D Show" — a celebration… »12/03/07 11:00am12/03/07 11:00am