Chicago Auto Show: 2009 International LoneStar, Biggest Unveil of the…

There's a funny thing about auto shows; from the outside, they appear to be all glitz and glamor, high-dollar extravaganzas to draw the attention of the nearest journalist, and later the consumer. In actuality, they are crushingly boring, highly stressed, cynical, irritating events which grow tiresome from both the PR… » 2/07/08 2:15pm 2/07/08 2:15pm

Goodbye, Ironhide: GM Reaches Agreement, Sells Medium-Duty Trucks to…

The General's finally come to an agreement on selling their not-so-profitable medium duty truck business to Navistar, the owners of International Truck and Engine. That means the Navistar folks will now be responsible for making the GMC TopKick and the Chevrolet Kodiak, moving production from GM's plant in Flint,… » 12/20/07 9:15am 12/20/07 9:15am

Buy A Ford Super Duty; If You're Lucky It May Fart Fire!

FoMoCo today asked dealers to stop selling the diesel-engined 2008 Super Duty F-Series pickups because apparently some of the big haulers can do something glorious. These special Super's apparently can fart fire. I kid you not, if I were in the market for a pickup truck right now, I'd totally look for one that can… » 3/22/07 8:30am 3/22/07 8:30am

Judicially Active! Demise Of Ford Averted By Oakland County Judge

FoMoCo execs are breathing a sigh of relief this morning after Oakland County Circuit Judge John McDonald issued a temporary restraining order requiring Navistar International Corp. to resume production and shipments on the 6.4-liter diesel PowerStroke engines used in Ford's big n' bold F-Series Super-Duty haulers.… » 3/01/07 10:05am 3/01/07 10:05am

Stroke It, FoMoCo! Navistar Stops Shipping Power Stroke Diesel Engines…

Reuters is reporting that Navistar International's stopped shipping big 6.4-liter Power Stroke diesel engines to FoMoCo because of a "contract dispute." The big f-ing engine is the power plant that gives the big F-Series Super Duty the get-up-and-go it needs to — you know — help the automaker become profitable again.… » 2/26/07 1:01pm 2/26/07 1:01pm