Lincoln. Because we need to get back on top again.

This last couple of years have not been all that good for Lincoln..err… the Lincoln Motor Company as they are now encouraging everyone to call it. » 11/02/14 6:49pm 11/02/14 6:49pm

The Mobile Stripper Pole Is The One Accessory That Makes An Escalade…

With the RNC Convention just ending in Tampa, America's eyes have been opened to the aching beauty of a city lousy with strip clubs — but what about those of us stuck in cultural backwaters with hardly any strip-based institutions at all? Happily, there's an answer. Now any vehicle with a suitable tow hitch can become… » 9/03/12 2:00pm 9/03/12 2:00pm

Luxury For Pyramid Builders: The 1998 Lincoln Navigator

After reading this New York Times piece about ten-year venture-capital profit numbers finally catching up with the Dot-Com Bust, the first thing to come to mind was… the original Lincoln Navigator! » 2/06/10 5:00pm 2/06/10 5:00pm

Strung-Out America Demands More Big SUVs, Ford Happy To Resupply

Ford announced yesterday that Dearborn intends to boost SUV production to support surging demand. Convince them to downsize? Nah, just feed their addiction to landbarges they don't need. Thank you, short-sighted American consumers, for your hard-earned monies. [Motor Trend] » 1/13/10 1:00pm 1/13/10 1:00pm

Lincoln Navigator: A Dinosaur on Murder Mile

Few cars are as close in proportion to actual dinosaurs as the Lincoln Navigator, a relic of a bygone era of dirt-cheap gasoline and the insatiable appetite for infinite cupholders. We found this one on London's "Murder Mile." » 6/09/09 5:45pm 6/09/09 5:45pm

Lincoln Navigator Gets Sync Option, Ford Focus Not Included

For all those fans of the Microsoft Sync system not willing to strap into a Ford Focus to get it, rejoice and be glad, for now you can get it dealer installed in your new Lincoln Navigator. The announcement came today from the glass house that the luxo-barge will get the hand free all-in-one communication and… » 5/01/08 6:20pm 5/01/08 6:20pm

Ford Extending E85 Corn Goodness To E-Series, Navigator and Expedition

More exciting action from the D.C Auto Show as Ford snuck some E85 news into the 2009 Ford Escape press release. The company's E-Series vans, Navigator and Expedition will be able to run on E85 fuel this year, which is good news for the small percentage of the people reading this that have access to the approximately… » 1/22/08 10:45am 1/22/08 10:45am

Rapper Common to Sell Out For 2008 Lincoln Navigator

Common is the latest in a long line of rising or falling (ahem Flex) hip-hop stars to endorse an SUV, in this case the 2008 Lincoln Navigator. There's generally nothing wrong with a rapper, even a conscious rapper, marketing an SUV. Mos Def once marketed a Denali and, you know what, the world didn't end. But there's… » 11/13/07 2:00pm 11/13/07 2:00pm

Ad Watch: Dwyane Wade's Dream Is To Give Away A Lincoln Navigator?

I'm really not sure why Ford keeps needing to attach celebrities to its ad campaigns — like this new commercial starring NBA superstar Dwyane Wade by the folks at Young & Rubicam of the especially blingtastic 2007 Lincoln Navigator — complimenting the already celeb-heavy "Bold Moves" campaign and of course Toby… » 11/19/06 2:06pm 11/19/06 2:06pm

Lincoln Wants A Jalopnik Editor To Dream A Little Dream Of Them

I'm down in Dearborn today for an interesting little marketing event sponsored by the folks at FoMoCo for the Lincoln brand. It's an extension of their "Dreams" campaign — an attempt to link the Lincoln brand to one of three luxe segments Lincoln believes corresponds most closely with it's brand image. The segments… » 11/16/06 11:28am 11/16/06 11:28am

Will the Oval Survive? Ford's Crucial Next Launches

AutoWeek runs down the next three 2007 product launches from Ford, gauging them in terms of crucialness in the company's plan for rebirth. These launches are, in order of importance, the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator and 2008 F-Series Super Duty. Get our take after the jump. » 8/02/06 11:55am 8/02/06 11:55am

It's Precious to Be a Pimp: Burkitt and Burkitt Designs a…

If you didn't notice, there's a cold pimp war on, people, and the escalation has been accelerating of late (remember when dubs used to be big?). The guys at Burkitt and Burkitt are ready for the next plateau of one-upsmanship, with a plan for a Lincoln Navigator that's hand-encrusted with Swarovski crystals. A… » 6/19/06 1:23pm 6/19/06 1:23pm

Chicago Premiere: 2007 Lincoln Navigator

Holy Toledo! Look at that grillework! Lincoln's 2007 Navigator SUV, which premiered in Chicago today, having received an infusion of more facial metal than a malocclusional eight-year-old in a night brace (who's chewing on wire hangers). Like its Ford Expedition cousin, the Navigator will also come in an extended… » 2/08/06 1:22pm 2/08/06 1:22pm