Accessing Maps On Mobile Devices Jumps 82% In US

If you're squinting at a poorly-rendered map on your Blackberry, turns out you're not alone. According to an industry report released today, up to 8% of Americans are now downloading driving directions and online maps via mobile devices, which equates to a whopping 82% increase over last year. Ironic that mobile map… » 7/24/08 4:20pm 7/24/08 4:20pm

It's Official: BMW Gets Google Local Search And It's Available Now...In…

It's official, there's a press release and everything. As part of their "ConnectedDrive" theory on in-car information systems, BMW is now the first auto manufacturer to offer Google local search straight from the in-dash nav system. You can look for Yellow Pages-type information like names and addresses of… » 8/31/07 12:58pm 8/31/07 12:58pm