Fun Animation Shows Why Natural Gas Tanks Should Be Like Intestines

Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles have been around a while and have had a great deal of success — look at all those NYC Crown Vic cabs adapted to use CNG. Though the fuel is abundant and relatively cheap, one of the biggest limiting factors has always been how to package the bulky cylindrical tanks used to store… »1/31/13 4:40pm1/31/13 4:40pm

CNG-Powered City Bus Explodes In Thailand, Demonstrates Importance Of Proper Fuel Conversions

A city bus explosion at a Bangkok natural gas filling station last week appears to highlight the dangers of responding to higher gas prices with slapdash propulsion conversions. According to records, the formerly diesel-powered bus was converted using a shipment of used parts from China and had not registered with the… »8/13/08 11:20am8/13/08 11:20am

BRA GmbH to Unveil Cévennes Turbo-CNG Roadster at Geneva

With everybody flipping out about environmentalism in these post-Inconvenient Truth days, companies far and wide are looking to reinvent the wheel, or more specifically, the engine. That's just what BRA GmbH and its partners, PGO Automobiles and Gasmobil will be looking to do at the upcoming Geneva Auto Salon when… »2/11/08 9:00am2/11/08 9:00am

Prince Charles Begins Construction Of World's Largest GTL Plant

Liquid fuel created from natural gas (also known as Gas To Liquid or GTL) burns mighty clean, particularly when compared to icky old sulfur-laden diesel fuel. And after years of planning (and Exxon backing out of the project at the last minute), the government of Qatar and its partner, Shell Oil, broke ground on… »2/23/07 7:44pm2/23/07 7:44pm

Mmmm...Thirst-Quenching Motor Fuel! Shell, ExxonMobil Create Cleaner-Burning, Non-Lethal Fuel

We spend a fair amount of time huffing gasoline, but we've always been a tad afraid to actually drink it, as it's got a reputation for being rather toxic. Luckily for us, Shell and ExxonMobil are starting to put a big push behind GTL, a fuel derived from natural gas that could replace diesel in major metropolitan… »11/23/05 6:49pm11/23/05 6:49pm