Polling Confirms Americans Will Not Drive 55, Also They Don't…

Lacking a call-center or professional statisticians, we asked you what you thought the national speed limit should be. Apparently Rasmussen Reports don't trust us, and since they have both of those things, they decided to ask pretty much the same question. They found 59% oppose one, 34% support one and 7% aren't sure.… » 7/08/08 4:00pm 7/08/08 4:00pm

What Should The National Speed Limit Be?

Senator John Warner (R-VA) has asked the Energy Department to look into a national speed limit, pointing out that the previous national speed limit reduced consumption and prevented deaths. When we wrote our Guide To Speed Limits, we joked that the piece would have been a lot shorter had the National Maximum Speed Law… » 7/07/08 11:40am 7/07/08 11:40am

Rules of the Road: Jalopnik's Guide to Speed Limits

With the first street legal Koenigsegg CCX arriving in the U.S. this week, we thought there couldn't be a better time to review the current status of speed limit laws. Sammy Hagar may not have been able to drive 55, but the CCX can go approximately three times faster than the highest legal speed limit in the U.S.
» 12/14/07 3:00pm 12/14/07 3:00pm