Kyle Hits Kyle When Neither Kyle Can Decide If They Really Want To Enter Pit Lane

NASCAR’s Bank of America 500 brings us a most confusing Tale of Two Kyles. One Kyle wants to pit. One Kyle might not want to pit. Both end up in a hit. It’s Kyle-on-Kyle action, but not the kind you’d expect from terrible NASCAR fanfiction. No, this was from today’s race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
»10/11/15 4:11pmSunday 4:11pm

NASCAR Driver Austin Theriault Airlifted After Head-On Wreck To Unprotected Wall

Tonight’s NASCAR truck series race at Las Vegas featured some early, scary fireworks after a head-on crash featuring driver Austin Theriault. The portion of the wall with which Theriault made contact was, according to on-air reports, not protected with a SAFER barrier. Theriault was airlifted to a local hospital by… »10/03/15 10:53pm10/03/15 10:53pm

Keselowski Blasts NASCAR As 'Entertainment' Over Playoff Rule Enforcement

Let’s call the Chase for the Sprint Cup what it is: a playoff. When you’re closing out the season, that’s the worst time to start enforcing rules more strictly. After an unusually strict restart penalty, Brad Keselowski called NASCAR “an entertainment sport” as opposed to a “fair” one, questioning NASCAR’s credibility… »9/30/15 3:51pm9/30/15 3:51pm

What 'C-Word' Did Bubba Wallace Call Brian Scott's Wife?

Things got a tad heated — both physically and verbally — between NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers Brian Scott and Darrell Wallace Jr. on Saturday night, as the two didn’t exactly agree on how a late restart went down in the race at Kentucky Speedway. Somehow a “C-word” was involved, but as of yet, we still have no idea… »9/27/15 1:33pm9/27/15 1:33pm

Clint Bowyer's NASCAR Sprint Cup Hopes May Be Squashed By Penalty

Volkswagen isn’t the only entity caught with stuff on their cars that violates the rules this week. The number 15 Michael Waltrip Racing car of Chase for the Sprint Cup participant Clint Bowyer was found with improperly installed parts found during the opening day inspection last week at Chicagoland Speedway. »9/26/15 10:00am9/26/15 10:00am

Kevin Harvick Shoving Jimmie Johnson Marks The Start Of NASCAR's Chase

Like the changing colors of the leaves, children returning back to school and the three-tailed flying dung-birds returning to roost in Capistrano or something, certain events mark the start of a season. NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup doesn’t seem official until grown dudes are shoving each other over race cars.
»9/20/15 7:56pm9/20/15 7:56pm

NASCAR's France Family Withdraws Bid to Manage Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Light crowd numbers and restraints on large-scale events plague Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, causing the speedway’s potential success to fall back on hopes of attracting a new management company. But with the withdrawal of a proposal from the candidate with perhaps the most proven track record (no pun intended), the… »9/19/15 10:22am9/19/15 10:22am