Can NASCAR's Gene Haas Succeed In Formula One?

That’s what the BBC asked this weekend. They sought after the Stewart-Haas NASCAR team to pick the brains of Gene Haas and several team members as to why and how the Haas F1 team is going about entering the sport. Haas explained that his team is entering F1 much like how his team got started in NASCAR.
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Kyle Busch Bounces Back From Missing 11 Races To Take Sprint Cup Championship

Kyle Busch won his first ever Sprint Cup championship tonight at the Ford EcoBoost 400. I know what you’re thinking: he broke his leg early this year and had to sit for 11 races. How on earth did he end up winning the championship? By owning the last half of the season, that’s how.
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[Today’s NASCAR season finale — the Ford EcoBoost 400 — hosted numerous celebrities today including

[Today’s NASCAR season finale — the Ford EcoBoost 400 — hosted numerous celebrities today including three-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton, country music star Tim McGraw, beloved IndyCar racer James Hinchcliffe, and (pictured here) presidential candidate Deez Nuts. Photo credit: Getty Images]
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NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson Penalized After Crew Member Hip Checks In A Big Fender Dent

NASCAR recently cracked down on fender modifications. They’ve also added cameras along pit lane to monitor teams a little closer when a suspicious fender mod shows up on track. You can guess how well this went for Jimmie Johnson’s team when a crew member hip-checked a big dent in the side of the car.
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NASCAR's Kevin Harvick Feels The Tire Pain At Texas Motor Speedway

If there’s one thing that defines this race at Texas Motor Speedway, it’s tires. Drivers are struggling to find grip on the surface, and wear is a serious issue. NASCAR fans who felt as if Kevin Harvick wrecked at Talladega to advance in the Chase rejoiced a bit with the Kenseth fans: Harvick’s tire blew up, too.
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NASCAR Could Bring A Chase-Like Championship Format To Its Truck Series 

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series could see some big championship changes in its future—according to reports from, a format mimicking the Sprint Cup Series’ Chase is under consideration. As ironic as it is, reports of these talks come during Matt Kenseth’s suspension for intentionally wrecking… »11/08/15 3:08pm11/08/15 3:08pm

Man Jokes About NASCAR Hauler Catching Fire In Traffic Before Learning It's On Fire

Longview, Texas-area taxidermist Barry “The BEAR” Dorbritz was stuck in traffic this afternoon behind the HScott Motorsports trailer, so he decided to record it with his phone. Little did he know as he joked that it could be on fire that the trailer itself was actually ablaze.
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