Tony Stewart Will Miss The Daytona 500 Because He Broke His Back Crashing An ATV

Tony Stewart was involved in a non-racing-related all-terrain vehicle accident Saturday that left him with a burst fracture of the L1 vertebra, per Autosport. Unfortunately, Stewart-Haas Racing confirmed today that Stewart will miss the start of his final NASCAR Sprint Cup season to recover from the injury.


These Rules From Other Sports Could Help Make NASCAR Great Again

Just over a week ago, NASCAR forgot what it is. A brief moment of confusion led to a lot of not-so-great changes for the series, including an overhaul of the championship formats in both of its top developmental series and a caution clock. A clock. Try to cough that one out. But if NASCAR wants to be like baseball or…

Wake Up To Over Twelve Minutes Of Glorious Historical Penske Racing Footage

When your team sticks around for 50 years, I suppose you should get Tom Brokaw to narrate a video of all your successes. Team Penske showed over 12 minutes of wonderful old footage of everything from the Indianapolis 500 to V8 Supercars at their fiftieth anniversary celebration, and it does not disappoint.


People Used To Just Crash Motorcycles Into Things For Fun At NASCAR Races

“NASCAR used to just be better,” old people who are very annoying and probably just liked mustaches and cocaine and are definitely right tend to say. But how correct could they possibly be? Well, to put it into perspective, people used to get into horrific motorcycle crashes before the race even started, and that was…

Dirt Track Manager Delivers Epic Burn In Response To Dumb Major League Baseball Request

Major League Baseball decided to assume that their fanbase can’t read or spell and took issue with Eldora Speedway’s use of the name “Mudsummer Classic.” The MLB claimed that the event sounded too close to their “Midsummer Classic,” and Eldora agreed to change it—but not without getting a dig in at MLB first.