Iacocca Arrives At Chrysler As Bankruptcy Rumors Swirl; Time Travel Perfected

Former chairman Lee Iacocca gave a closed pep rally to Chrysler employees yesterday in Auburn Hills, once again sharing the stage with a K-car, a minivan...and rumors of Chrysler's imminent bankruptcy. While current CEO Bob Nardelli was praising Iacocca as "Chrysler's most dynamic leader" and "a great American,"… »6/27/08 10:30am6/27/08 10:30am

Careful With That Axe, Nardelli: Chrysler June Sales Plummet

As further evidence that Cerberus bit off far more than it expected with its purchase of Chrysler last fall, an internal memo revealed to the Free Press shows that the last few months have been even worse than Chrysler expected. In fact, June numbers are showing an industry-wide disaster looming, with total U.S.… »6/18/08 1:20pm6/18/08 1:20pm

Nardelli: Cerberus Not Second-Guessing Chrysler Purchase. What About CEO Choice?

Cerberus Capital Management is not second-guessing its 2007 purchase of Chrysler from Daimler, and the the business is "on track," Chrysler LLC CEO Robert Nardelli said Tuesday at a Wall Street Journal press conference. Nardelli has been facing speculation that Cerberus got in over its head with the Chrysler purchase,… »6/12/08 1:20pm6/12/08 1:20pm

Chrysler Releases Super Bowl Commercial Images, We're Forced To Construct Hilarious, Deadly Narrative

There's something a little disappointing about a company releasing still images of their new advertisements. It usually means that said company is either unsure about the final cut or that, more likely, they're trying to double dip their media coverage. Normally, we wouldn't give in to such a thing. But Chrysler's… »2/01/08 11:00am2/01/08 11:00am

Chrysler Chief to Congress: We Are Totally Down With New Regulations

Automakers are lining up behind the new Energy Bill that's working its way through congress. They've seen the writing on the wall and, all things considered, got a fairly good deal considering the prevailing sentiment regarding car emissions and foreign oil. Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli congratulated Congress and… »12/18/07 3:30pm12/18/07 3:30pm