What The Hell Is This Weird Unknown Honda? 

Seeing a car — even in a picture — that you’ve never known before is a huge thrill. When you write and think about cars every day like I do, that gets harder and harder to find, making you like a junkie always trying to beat their tolerance to get that high again. Well, today, I found some raw, uncut, car-heroin: the… »8/31/15 1:47pm8/31/15 1:47pm


Can We Help ID This Mystery Mopar Steering Wheel?

Earlier today, we got an email from a woman who found this steering wheel placed at her front door. The woman signed the email “Kelly Ladymopar,” so I’m guessing a Chrysler steering wheel isn’t totally unwelcome. Still, she’d like to know exactly what Chrysler it’s from, and I’d like to know what such a gift may mean. »7/30/15 9:30pm7/30/15 9:30pm

San Francisco, 1973: How Many Cars In This Photo Can You Identify?

Because I've become obsessed with finding at least one semi-focused shot of the pair of Fiat 128s my parents bought in the early 1970s (when the 128 was the cheapest new four-door sold in America), I've been spending a lot of time digging through boxes of hopelessly jumbled family photos. No Fiat photos yet, but I did »10/08/08 2:00pm10/08/08 2:00pm

Can You Identify The Car Parked In Front Of This Burning Meth Lab?

I love found photos, and this yard-sale score is right up there on my all-time favorites list with the police evidence Polaroids »10/06/08 6:00pm10/06/08 6:00pm that came with my ex-cop Crown Victoria. The sun-scorched sandy desert yard suggests that the location is somewhere in California's High Desert region, which means that it doesn't take a…

Identify These Parts, Win More Little Tree Schwag!

Our last Mystery Car/Little Tree Schwag contest had a winner in the first .006 seconds, in spite of only 337 examples of the Toyota 2000GT ever being manufactured. Oh yes, our readers know their cars, no doubt about it. But how about car innards? How about taking a shot at identifying a car using a blurry photograph… »11/20/07 10:30am11/20/07 10:30am

Identify This Mystery Car, Now With Fresh-Smelling Prize Potential!

It took a couple long, agonizing days for our loyal readers to identify our last Mystery Car, a '54 Fiat 8V, so this time we're going with something a little less cruel; someone is going to start yelling "Ooh! Ooh!" and jumping up and down pretty soon after seeing this very distinctive component... we think. Better… »10/19/07 8:30am10/19/07 8:30am

Identify This Mystery Car, Now With Super Prize Potential!

It's been a few weeks since our last Mystery Car contest, but don't think we've given up on exorcising your Monday ennui demons! Heep won our last awesome Mystery Car prize, by correctly identifying the car as a '69 MGC-GT, and the first person to identify the car in the photo above will receive an equally awesome… »9/17/07 10:30am9/17/07 10:30am

Identify This Mystery Car, Now With Super Prize Potential!

We've done a couple of Ennui Countermeasure contests, including the Mystery Mercury and Dastardly Datsun, but now things have changed. Now we've managed to convince the all-powerful Gawker Overlords to spring for an actual prize for the car-obsessed freakola automotive expert who identifies the car in the photograph… »8/20/07 8:30am8/20/07 8:30am