Researchers Say They Have Found A Piece Of Amelia Earhart's Plane

A 19-by-23 inch piece of aluminum found in 1991 has now been identified as a piece of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra, "with a high degree of certainty." The famous aviatrix disappeared on July 2, 1937. The incident became one of aviation's greatest mysteries, prior to the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 this… » 10/29/14 3:34pm 10/29/14 3:34pm

Did The Drone That Had A Near Miss With A Plane Belong To The USAF?

Yesterday, a story concerning a US Airways CRJ-200's near miss with a mystery drone while on approach to Tallahassee Regional Airport made big news. The aircrew stated that the aircraft looked like a small unmanned F-4 Phantom wearing camouflage paint. The event occurred at around 2,300 feet. » 5/11/14 5:46pm 5/11/14 5:46pm

What's Hiding Under This French Lass' Bonnet?

You'd be amazed how much making mistakes pays off. A while back, I did this post that included some French in the splash image, and I, true to my nature, screwed it up. So Jonathan Miller corrected me, and even better, offered to be my eyes out in France for interesting stuff. A whole bunch is coming your way soon,… » 4/26/12 2:30pm 4/26/12 2:30pm

Spy Photos: New Nissan Cube in Los Angeles?

Over the weekend, the Autobloggers procured shots of an unidentified, right-drive Japanese vehicle, nabbed on a commercial shoot in downtown Los Angeles. After some deduction, the determination was the box-like utility wagon is neither the next Toyota xB, nor a new Honda Element. So what, pray tell, is this bo te… » 12/18/06 7:09am 12/18/06 7:09am