What The Hell Happened To The Kid In The Trunk In Children Of The Corn?

Many of you have no doubt seen the 1984 horror film classic Children of the Corn. Many of you haven’t, and for that, you should consider yourself blessed. But after seeing it a few times, I’ve got one question nagging at me. (Okay, many questions from this god awful movie, but we’ll focus on one for a second.) What… »10/30/15 11:59am10/30/15 11:59am


Debris Found in Indian Ocean Match Part Number of Missing MH370 Flight

The plane debris that washed up on an island shore this week match the part number of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, authorities announced Friday, rather loudly, one imagines, so as to be heard over the joyful sobbing of CNN producers.http://gawker.com/debris-found-i... »7/31/15 11:19am7/31/15 11:19am

The Nexus Of The Universe Has Been Found And It Is A Discount Tire Store

Or is that a Tire Discount store? Anyways, we have finally found it, everyone. The nexus of the universe. The point at which space and time converge upon themselves, and are reflected back unto eternity. The nexus is almost certainly located within a Taco Bell, but what’s more important is how it manifests itself. »7/24/15 1:55pm7/24/15 1:55pm