Here's What's Hiding In That Giant Mysterious Amazon Locker

Nissan has partnered with to titillate the masses with yet another mysterious container holding a vehicles and other goodies. This time they've dumped a massive Amazon Locker in downtown San Francisco and have announced there's a new Rogue SUV inside. » 5/16/14 1:22pm 5/16/14 1:22pm

Brooklyn UFO sighting caught on tape: 'Shiiiiit'

Updated. Bushwick resident and YouTube user TheFallGuy53 was minding his own business, sitting on his front stoop, when suddenly, an apparition of light. A UFO, lurking in the north Brooklyn sky! » 10/07/11 8:05pm 10/07/11 8:05pm

8 Captivating Facts About the Air France Flight 447 Mystery

Over two years ago, Air France Flight 447 crashed midway through a flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil and Paris, France. It took weeks to find any trace of the Airbus A330 plane, and to this day, investigators are unable to determine with 100% certainty what caused the crash. » 5/07/11 1:00am 5/07/11 1:00am

Cops Investigating Fender-Bender Discover Earless Man in Trunk

Police called to the scene of a small accident in Manhattan found a fun surprise in the trunk of one of the cars! Well, not "fun." Actually, "horrifying." It was a man, with his ear cut off. » 1/27/11 7:30am 1/27/11 7:30am

"Lost" Vehicle Auction Gives Fans More Questions Without Answers

Later this month, fans of the TV series "Lost" will be able to bid on more than a thousand trinkets from the show, from beer cans to Hurley's Camaro. Just reading the descriptions may trigger a few angry flash-sideways. » 8/11/10 1:15pm 8/11/10 1:15pm