Saturn Discovers Social Networking, Attempts To Join 21st Century

Apparently young people these days like to talk to each other online rather than read. Sometimes, they even take advantage of toy-like technological innovations to transmit electronic images and even music! Based on this cutting edge research, Saturn has launched a new concept in online communication to reach these… »5/12/08 12:20pm5/12/08 12:20pm

Transformers On MySpace: One Of Us Just Had A Slight Robogasm In His Pants

Yay, now we can merge geeking out over robots in disguise with geeking out over gals we'd love to think of dating but who won't give us the time of day. Yup, we're in social networking heaven, baby! Bonus points to anyone who wants to become our friend on MySpace...not that we need one...we're just sayin'. In the… »3/27/07 3:20pm3/27/07 3:20pm

GM Seeking Weird Pedophile Market, Wants You To Become A "Friend With Benefits"

MySpace may be utilized mostly by perverts and Dateline reporters disguised as lonely teenagers, but apparently those people do buy cars. Now the General's hoping to appeal to that same loving-the-lonelygirl demographic as they launch their — and we shit your not — "Friends with Benefits" campaign on MySpace. The… »2/07/07 1:44pm2/07/07 1:44pm