My Dinner With Cadillac Product People And Engineers

I just got back from Wisconsin, where Cadillac brought me to try out their new CTS-V on the track at Road America. I also stayed in a hotel owned by a toilet company that would make a great fetish hotel if you had a thing for golf caddies. While there, I was lucky enough to dine with some Cadillac folks, and ruin… »6/12/15 4:50pm6/12/15 4:50pm


My Dinner With Some Jaguar Engineers And Designers

When I was out with testing the Jaguar F-Type, I once again took advantage of my proximity to real designers and engineers to give them some of my top-notch ideas. During dinner, I made sure to snag a seat next to the head designer. Once the guy whose lap I was on finally left (take a hint, buddy), I got right into it. »7/26/13 4:00pm7/26/13 4:00pm