My Dinner With BMW Product People

While in Vegas on BMW's dime to drive the new 2 series and 4 series convertible, I managed to accomplish my two favorite things to do in Vegas: visit America's only full-release Gertrude Stein-impersonating masseuse, and ask a bunch of dumb questions to car company bigshots. Here's how it went down. The car part, I… » 1/23/14 4:00pm 1/23/14 4:00pm

My Dinner With Some Jaguar Engineers And Designers

When I was out with testing the Jaguar F-Type, I once again took advantage of my proximity to real designers and engineers to give them some of my top-notch ideas. During dinner, I made sure to snag a seat next to the head designer. Once the guy whose lap I was on finally left (take a hint, buddy), I got right into it. … » 7/26/13 4:00pm 7/26/13 4:00pm