Border Patrol Exhibits Poor Understanding of Border and Patrol

What you see above is an International MXT. It is a vehicle that the United States Border Patrol, no doubt through grants from the Department of Homeland Security, has deemed a reasonable vehicle to patrol the highest traffic border crossing between the United States and Canada, the Detroit-Windsor crossing. There… »12/05/07 2:00pm12/05/07 2:00pm


Chicago Bears Edition International MXT Isn't So Super Anymore

The folks at the big ol' truck company of International probably felt pretty cool last week creating a tricked-out Chicago Bears edition of their new MXT uber-truck for the Chicago Auto Show. After the Bears busted performance this past weekend, it just looked kind of sad and forlorn sitting over in the corner of… »2/08/07 6:44pm2/08/07 6:44pm

The Power of Independent Trucking in Chicago: International Unveils New Big-Ass Pickup

International Truck and Engine (i.e., the school-bus company) took the really huge wraps off the newest in its line of extreme pickups. The MXT, as it's called, joins the RXT and CXT among its line of pickup-beded vehicles built on its large-truck platform. It's designed and built from the ground up (they didn't… »2/09/06 1:35pm2/09/06 1:35pm