New 2010 Ford Mustang Teaser Shot Reveals The Full Dash

This latest teaser out of Dearborn gives us our best look yet at the dashboard and gauge layout of the 2010 Ford Mustang, showing the more smoothly integrated pods and softer lines of the new model's interior. Expect plenty more of these snippets leading up to the car's unveiling at the LA Auto Show, as we've already… » 10/08/08 1:45pm 10/08/08 1:45pm

2010 Ford Mustang Seats And Center Console

We're getting a steady stream » 9/24/08 3:20pm 9/24/08 3:20pm of on the newly updated , like this first look at the seats and the new center console. Obviously seats need to be comfortable first and attractive second, but these look like they fit both bills pretty well. The new center console appears taller, integrating the armrest right into the…

First Official Photo Of 2010 Ford Mustang Dash

Ford continues their slow piece » 9/17/08 4:00pm 9/17/08 4:00pm-by--by- reveal of the with this official photo of the car's dashboard. Since it's just a teaser, you can't really make out much except the dash and the side view of the steering wheel, but it looks like a more rounded interpretation of the outgoing model's interior. Of course, as you…

2010 Ford Mustang GT Interior

If you've been enjoying the never-ending strip tease that is the 2010 Ford Mustang we've now got interior pictures of a black-on-black 2010 Ford Mustang GT prototype. Finally, thanks to the friendly neighborhood spy shooters at KGP who were quick enough to catch one parked, as opposed to driving full speed in the… » 6/04/08 12:23pm 6/04/08 12:23pm