F-16 Pilots Lament Their Predator Drone Flying Fate In This Rap Video

The moral and social ambiguities of fighting a war from inside an air-conditioned trailer and what it means to be a combat pilot are hot issues again as the action drama Good Kill gets closer to widespread release. Yet these F-16-turned-Predator pilots took to their creative side to describe how much they hate their… »4/11/15 11:50am4/11/15 11:50am


Watch The Stig Star In This WTF Music Video

In CC Mason's new video for "Racecar," former Stig Ben Collins appears to have been typecast as a guy who stands around with his arms crossed. We all knew the Stigs would have to move on with the cancellation of Top Gear, but we didn't know life would be this rough. Now he's been put into a music video, still as The… »4/06/15 4:55pm4/06/15 4:55pm

Truck-Driving Lady's 'Shake It Off' Video Is Completely Adorable

Truck driving can be terrible, if you're the kind of person that hates sitting and staring at the road for long periods of time. So meet Allie Knight, a truck driver who spliced together scenes of singing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" while doing her daily driving. While she might object to a manic pixie girl… »9/14/14 12:12pm9/14/14 12:12pm

Man Trapped Overnight at Vegas Airport Shoots Ridiculous Music Video

Caught overnight at Las Vegas' McCarran Airport with practically no one else around, Richard Dunn could have taken a cab back to the strip and partied until his flight in the morning. Instead, he whipped out his iPhone and made this gloriously cheesy music video for Celine Dion's 1996 cover of "All By Myself." »6/10/14 6:41pm6/10/14 6:41pm

Lady Gaga blows up cars, writhes atop a Trans Am in "Marry The Night" video

Lady Gaga's got a history of dropping cool cars into her videos. I mean, come on, remember the Pussywagon from Kill Bill? Anyway, she's at it again. Skip straight through to 8:00 into the music video for Lady Gaga's new song, "Marry The Night." You'll be treated to the Gaga writing around, on top of, and inside a… »12/02/11 2:30pm12/02/11 2:30pm

A Canadian indie band's C’était un Rendezvous tribute

This is the music video for “Savage Night at the Opera” from the Vancouver-based band Destroyer’s new album Kaputt. It’s a motorcycle homage to Rendezvous shot in Vancouver by David Galloway, and unlike that video of the new fastest lap around Manhattan, it’s entirely lovely to watch—and it comes with a twist. »9/23/11 12:30pm9/23/11 12:30pm