One Of The Real Major Toms Even Covered David Bowie From Space

The passing of one of the world’s most beloved music artists is a hard pill to swallow. David Bowie impacted not just music and fashion, but also science fiction and even real astronauts. Nowhere is this better evidenced than in this cover of “Space Oddity,” recorded in space by International Space Station Commander…

Best Band Name Ever Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Drops Driver From Their Name

Two of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s fans started a catchy dance-pop band called Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., a name which they kept with Dale Jr.’s blessing. Sadly, that era came to an end as they shorten the name to “JR JR” to avoid further confusion, but the post on the backstory of their driver-centric name is a must-read.

How Bob Marley's Long Lost Land Rover Was Rescued From Certain Death

Reggae legend Bob Marley's 1977 Series III Land Rover pickup was almost as cool as the man himself. Yet it spent some thirty years waiting in vain for somebody to stir it up and satisfy its soul. See what I did there? You should also see this beautiful restoration video and how happy the truck made Marley's kids.