Why The Lane Motor Museum Is My New Favorite Auto Museum

After a week of RV living, I finally have made it to North Carolina, but I made one very important stop along the way: the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN. I've been aware of the Lane for quite a while, but I don't think I was really prepared for how incredible their collection actually is. It's stunning, no joke. » 8/19/14 4:02pm 8/19/14 4:02pm

What's The World's Best Car Museum?

With the troubling news of a sinkhole eating eight of the best cars in the National Corvette Museum, I think it's a good time to reflect on the best car museums out there. » 2/12/14 11:43am 2/12/14 11:43am

A Rusty Old Volvo Is The Chugging Heart Of Nashville's Lane Motor Museum

If you ever chance to visit the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tenn. – and you really should – one of the first things you'll notice is that whoever dreamt this place up thinks differently abut cars than most people you know. Wading through the rows of gleaming Tatras and Steyrs and Reliants and other cars the… » 12/25/13 12:00pm 12/25/13 12:00pm

Museum of the US Air Force - Restoration Facility Photo Dump

My family and I flew up to Dayton for a couple of days to check out the Air Force Museum.  When we arrived we signed up for the presidential hangar bus trip and I signed up as a standby for the restoration facility tour. They only get 44 people over there once a week, so this was a rare opportunity. Amazingly enough I… » 2/15/13 5:45pm 2/15/13 5:45pm

The Secret Bubble Cars Of Detroit

Tucked away in an obscure warehouse in Detroit sits the almost inaccessible Transportation Collection of the Detroit Historical Museum. Lacking facilities and money to display them, the museum keeps its classics entombed in protective bubbles. Here's a rare look inside. » 1/25/11 12:00pm 1/25/11 12:00pm

Inside Mercedes-Benz's Classic Treasure Trove

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center is one of the finest restoration facilities in the world. Vanity Fair's Brett Berk recently stopped by to drive a vintage Gullwing, giving Jalopnik this exclusive behind-the-scenes peek. —Ed. » 5/18/10 11:00am 5/18/10 11:00am

Detroit's Henry Ford Museum Opens Its Doors, Hoods For Your Amusement

As part of an exhibit dubbed "Engines Exposed," The Henry Ford museum has opened the hoods and removed the engine covers on dozens of vehicles in its collection. Ever wondered what the inside of a Bonneville streamliner looks like? » 1/22/10 2:30pm 1/22/10 2:30pm

GM Firebird Turbine Concepts Visiting California, Pennsylvania

This fall, the General Motor Heritage Collection will be shipping all three of Harley Earl's turbine-powered Firebird dream cars, first to Pebble Beach and then to Hershey, PA. The 'birds normally reside in Michigan, so if you live near CA or PA, now's your chance to see retro-futuristic turbine optimism in the flesh. » 7/22/08 5:20pm 7/22/08 5:20pm

Steve McQueen Exhibit at the Petersen

Commenter Danny Boy, who'll come back when summer's in the meadow, went and checked out the Steve McQueen exhibit going on at the Pete until April 9th and now we've got Sheryl Crow stuck in our heads again. Gah! Featured are McQueen's legendary XKSS, his Fuelie '57 Chevy convertible, his Porsche from Le Mans » 3/09/06 1:40pm 3/09/06 1:40pm

So-Cal Speed Shop Founder to Host Movies at NHRA Museum

The noted, legendary and highly-influential founder of the So-Cal Speed Shop (resurrected by equally noted and highly-influential rod builder Pete Chapouris), Alex Xydias will be presenting a series of very early hot rod and drag racing flicks at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, starting on February… » 2/03/06 7:20pm 2/03/06 7:20pm

Cars of Rock at the Pete

Opening tomorrow at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Fabulous Los Angeles, California is a redux of an exhibit they ran a few years back featuring significant cars of rock 'n' roll, including the Pantera Elvis shot full o' holes, a Nancy Sinatra movie Mustang and Snoop's golf cart from his Chrysler spot with Lido… » 2/03/06 5:12pm 2/03/06 5:12pm

Party With Me, Punker At the Astor Classics Event Center

Art Astor may have made his bones peddling soft rock to the 909, but let's not hold that against him (too much, anyway), because he's sunk some cash into the Astor Classics Event Center in Anaheim. The facility houses his collection of cars, as well as vintage telephones, radios, and well as the website eloquently… » 12/29/05 12:36pm 12/29/05 12:36pm

McQueen Exhibit Opens at the Petersen

Something sad happened to us this morning: upon reading that the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA is running an exhibit on the life and cars of Steve McQueen, Lance Armstrong's girlfriend's song from that one annoying commercial with Dale, Jr. embedded itself in our brain. We immediately dislodged it with Lalo… » 9/26/05 10:58am 9/26/05 10:58am