Take A Virtual 360 Tour Of The Amazing XB-70 Valkyrie's Cockpit

The XB-70 Valkyrie is one of the most amazing machines that ever took flight. Not only was it absolutely huge, with its “six pack” of General Electric YJ93 turbojet engines, but its long forward fuselage, feathered trailing edge and folding wingtips gave it an almost swan-like signature appearance. Now, you can view… »11/06/15 7:01pm11/06/15 7:01pm


Why The Lane Motor Museum Is My New Favorite Auto Museum

After a week of RV living, I finally have made it to North Carolina, but I made one very important stop along the way: the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN. I've been aware of the Lane for quite a while, but I don't think I was really prepared for how incredible their collection actually is. It's stunning, no joke. »8/19/14 4:02pm8/19/14 4:02pm

A Rusty Old Volvo Is The Chugging Heart Of Nashville's Lane Motor Museum

If you ever chance to visit the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tenn. – and you really should – one of the first things you'll notice is that whoever dreamt this place up thinks differently abut cars than most people you know. Wading through the rows of gleaming Tatras and Steyrs and Reliants and other cars the… »12/25/13 12:00pm12/25/13 12:00pm

Museum of the US Air Force - Restoration Facility Photo Dump

My family and I flew up to Dayton for a couple of days to check out the Air Force Museum.  When we arrived we signed up for the presidential hangar bus trip and I signed up as a standby for the restoration facility tour. They only get 44 people over there once a week, so this was a rare opportunity. Amazingly enough I… »2/18/13 1:18pm2/18/13 1:18pm

GM Firebird Turbine Concepts Visiting California, Pennsylvania

This fall, the General Motor Heritage Collection will be shipping all three of Harley Earl's turbine-powered Firebird dream cars, first to Pebble Beach and then to Hershey, PA. The 'birds normally reside in Michigan, so if you live near CA or PA, now's your chance to see retro-futuristic turbine optimism in the flesh. »7/22/08 5:20pm7/22/08 5:20pm