Drunk German Crashes Ferrari 458 Italia Onto Tram Tracks

Ferraris and alcohol don't mix. Neither do Ferraris and tramways. But all three came together in Munich during the wee hours this past Sunday morning. Authorities said that the driver, whose blood alcohol level was found to be 0.086%, was driving too fast when he smashed through a metal barrier onto a tramway running… »4/25/12 9:30am4/25/12 9:30am

BMW Partially Reveals The GINA Light Visionary Model Concept In Web Video

Though it isn't set to be revealed to the motoring press until tomorrow, we have this exclusive video of a new concept car from Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. It's called the GINA Light Visionary Model, and it's being transported to the BMW Museum in Munich. You can just see the edges of the new concept in the footage,… »6/05/08 11:40am6/05/08 11:40am

Nick Heidfeld Shows Us What NOT To Do While Demonstrating The BMW Sauber F1 Car

BMW thought it would be a good idea to bring out the new Sauber F1 car for a bit of fun at the BMW plant in Munich. Why not halt ze making of ze Bimmers for a few minutes and give the 5,000 or so workers a little entertainment? Well, we can think of a reason. BMW's driver Nick Heidfeld zooms down the strasse and does… »4/24/08 3:40pm4/24/08 3:40pm

Welcome to BMW Welt, Where Corporate Whoring Meets Pretty Architecture

I used to believe that there was a fine line between automobiles and architecture, but BMW has come along and shattered those preconceived notions with BMW Welt, or BMW World, a showroom, mall "delivery center." This industrial- and futuristic-looking building holds all things BMW. Most importantly it is where… »1/25/08 11:15am1/25/08 11:15am

Gaddafi's Offspring's Ferrari Seized In Germany For Being Too Loud

The War on Terror-izingly Loud Autos claimed another victim as German police towed away Muammar Gaddafi's son's Ferrari 430. Seif al-Arab, son of the Libyan leader, is studying something in Munich and, like most students, gets by on a mixture of Ramen Noodles, Ultimate Frisbee and Italian sports cars. Police report… »1/02/08 2:45pm1/02/08 2:45pm