SF Gets Public Transit Hybrid Bus With Wi-Fi, Other Goods

San Francisco's public transit system is getting a bit of an upgrade as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MUNI) has teamed up with technology company, CISCO, for The Connected Bus—a public transportation bus that is a little more desirable than the traditional buses used in public transit systems. The… »4/15/08 2:20pm4/15/08 2:20pm

BART, As Usual, Gets Chumpy, SF Bay Universal Fare in Danger

While the distinction of the lamest public transit agency in the Bay Area may well have to be handed to Contra Costa County's County Connection and San Francisco's Muni is certainly the most notorious, BART totally wins the expensive crybaby prize. From worker strikes to fare hikes, the agency just can't seem to… »8/14/07 1:00pm8/14/07 1:00pm

Toyota Prius Owner Thinks He's A Train, Blocks San Fran Muni Tunnel

We know your Prius is fuel efficient, yes. We know your Prius makes you feel environmentally-friendly, yes. However, your Prius is not a train. Do not try and make it one. If you do it in San Francisco in the sunset tunnel at Duboce Triangle, you'll find yourself the owner of a pretty ticket citing city ordinance… »6/18/07 7:45pm6/18/07 7:45pm