Popular Mechanics Catches 600HP Mullen Motor GT Getting Electric For New York Auto Show

The popular kids who happen to be mechanics were lucky enough to spot a fun little under cover toy as they were leaving the Javits Center the other day at the conclusion of New York's fab little auto show. One of those Popular Mechanics, Ben Chertoff, can take it from here: » 4/09/07 9:28am 4/09/07 9:28am

The video's fun enough, even if only to…

Hybrid Technologies Launches Electric Mullen Sports Car

Electric-vehicles doohicky builder Hybrid Technologies is set to launch the previously announced all-electric version of the Mullen L1X-75 supercar. It's called the L1X-75 GT, and it's a carbon-fiber-bodied version of the V8 Mullen, called out by Forbes as the seventh fastest car in the US, a designation shared among… » 1/30/07 4:26pm 1/30/07 4:26pm

The Five Year Plan's in Effect Y'All: China Going Hybrid

Whoa...we thought the Five Year Plan went out with Stalin, but well, that just goes to show how ignorant we are of ChiCom politics. Part of the 11th FYP is to get more homebrewed hybrids on the road, and Renault's part-time lover, Dongfeng is in on the deal, and they hope to have hybrids as a main vehicle class by… » 2/14/06 1:01pm 2/14/06 1:01pm