Mid-Engine Veloster Mule Spotted In Korea

Just to be clear, South, not North. I think the only Veloster mules they have in North Korea are actual mules named 'Veloster.' But this particular mule appears to be testing an actual, engine-behind-the-driver Veloster, presumably driving the rear wheels. In short, something that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. » 3/30/15 7:05pm 3/30/15 7:05pm

Mystery Ferrari Mule Spotted In Maranello

OK, we're flummoxed. We've no idea what the heck this Ferrari is that was spotted outside of the R&D center of the prancing horse in Maranello. We're guessing it's a powertrain mule — but of what kind and what purpose, we've not got the foggiest idea. We're wondering if y'all — or perhaps the nice people at FerrariChat » 12/03/07 5:20pm 12/03/07 5:20pm