Mugen Kits Already Out For JDM Honda Odyssey

So the reveal on the new JDM-only Honda Odyssey » 10/17/08 1:00pm 10/17/08 1:00pm happened earlier today, but already those pseudo in-house tuners at Mugen are dropping body kits for a speedier-looking minivan. Available in two flavors, the kits offer revised nose styling, side skirts, rear spoilers, an exhaust kit, new brake pads, apparently new…

Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR, A Popular Choice For Pirates

With only 300 examples planned and a Japan only audience, the Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR is a rare bird indeed. Somehow, those crazy Frenchmen over at Nihon Car managed to get their hands on one for a review of the 236 HP little beast. There are things we like and dislike about this car; foremost in the "like" category… » 5/12/08 11:20am 5/12/08 11:20am

Tokyo Auto Salon: Mugen Open-Top Pure Sport Concept

This past weekend at the Tokyo Auto Salon — Japan's aftermarket extravaganza — Mugen showed an open-top concept car derived from the Honda S2000. Dubbed the Open-Top Pure Sport Concept, the roadster wears its motorsports influence in the form of carbon fiber trimmings, Mugen bucket seats and various other cosmetics.… » 1/15/07 7:53am 1/15/07 7:53am

SEMA Show: 2007 Honda Civic Mugen Si Sedan

Honda's getting all over the factory tuning tip. Starting today, tuner kids can get a Civic Si prepped by Japanese Honda tuner Mugen (which was founded by Hirotoshi Honda, the son of Honda Motor Company founder Soichiro Honda) at their local dealerships. The limited-edition Civics won't be cheap (MSRP of under… » 11/01/06 12:56pm 11/01/06 12:56pm