Surprise: Almost Everything About Pimp My Ride Was Hilarious Bullshit

In this fraught American media landscape, who can be trusted? Brian Williams is a faker, and Bill O'Reilly is too. The credibility of our most cherished cultural lodestars is crumbling before our eyes, and the mighty haven't stopped falling. That's right: Xzibit is a fraud, and Pimp My Ride was insane bullshit. »2/26/15 11:32am2/26/15 11:32am


Let's All Feel Sorry For The MTV Blogger Who Almost Had To Be A Reporter

The saga over what Jeremy Clements said is no longer about what he said. That a NASCAR driver blurted out "the n-word" to a reporter is news, although not particularly surprising or interesting news. What is interesting is how much of this story revolves around the timidity of MTV reporter Marty Beckerman and MTV in… »3/01/13 11:58am3/01/13 11:58am

Television! Television! Television! Television! 'Fast Inc.' Comes to MTV

So what happens when a group of guys who back Mister Jalopy, Gearhead desert racing, musclecars, drifting, sandrails, vintage VeeDubs and have a shop next to Fred Segal on Melrose collide with MTV? We're not sure yet, but the Fast Ashleys crew have endeared themselves to us with their seemingly impeccable taste in… »6/01/06 5:30pm6/01/06 5:30pm

Pimpin' Ain't Easy: West Coast Customs Bows Out of MTV Gig

West Coast Customs, the crew known for pimp-slapping dilapidated heaps with all matter of gewgaws, devices and other various and sundry gadgets has said goodbye to MTV. The Viacom unit says that they'll be working with another custom shop for the show's next season, and WCC owner Ryan Friedlinghause is shopping… »12/28/05 9:42pm12/28/05 9:42pm