B.A. Baracus Needs You to Caption This On Set Photo, Fool!

All we know is what we're told by our tipster who wishes to remain anonymous. He claims that yes, the large burly man in the bed of the F-Series pickup is in fact Mr. T. Also, it's a photo shoot for an upcoming Snickers commercial. While none of that can be verified, what we do know for certain is we're doubled over… »1/09/08 4:30pm1/09/08 4:30pm

Navigatin' With Bandit, B.A. and the Photojournalist from 'Apocalypse Now'

TomTom's been offering the voice of John Cleese on its nav systems for a while now, but other companies are starting to get into the celeb-navigator act. NavTones has contracted with Dennis Hopper, Mr. T and Burt Reynolds to provide voices that can be loaded into navigation systems. CNN/Money took each actor for a… »12/01/05 10:59pm12/01/05 10:59pm