The Peugeot HX1 is a conspicuously attractive luxury concept MPV

The French upper crust once lived so luxuriously the masses decided to chop their heads off, perhaps hoping to find gold inside the aristocratic piñatas. Yet the dour, simple Germans have owned the luxury market. Can an MPV place the French back atop the throne of conspicuous consumption? Sadly, no, because it's just… »9/14/11 2:30pm9/14/11 2:30pm

Joule MPV Brings South African Engineering To Paris Show Floor

We brought you word of the Joule all-electric MPV »10/03/08 4:45pm10/03/08 4:45pm yesterday, a South African entrant in the new electric car wars, and now we have live shots of the Joule on the floor. The little Afrikaaner is produced by a new tech company called Optimal Energy and was designed by a former Jag stylist — though we're going to have…

Toyota Alphard Scans Show Minivan Pre-Dekotora'd For The Masses

Possibly reaching out to the dekotora crowd, Toyota seems to be taking the next generation of its most awkwardly named MPV in a distinct direction with a gigantic and protruding front fascia. The Toyota Alphard, which is named for a star but sounds like the first mentally challenged person or a movie about Alf in… »2/26/08 5:45pm2/26/08 5:45pm

Mazda MPV Crashes Into Chicago TV Studio During Live Broadcast

I don't know what's more jolting to me — the fact a Mazda MPV took a flying header into the Chicago ABC7 studio at the top of yesterday's 10:00 PM broadcast or that the e-mail accompanying this tip was »12/24/07 11:00am12/24/07 11:00am

Now that I look at it, maybe if Ravi Baichwal were a Jewish kid from Metro Detroit, he'd totally be my spitting…

Drive The Self-Parking VW Touran, Pretend You're "Knight Rider"

David Hasselhoff ain't got nothing on this driver of the new VW Touran in this new "Knight Rider" themed commercial from the folks from V-Dub. Watch as the F1 dad, or whatever the European equivalent to a Nascar dad would be, uses the Touran's self-parking feature to mimic K.I.T.T. a Lexus. We even hear it parks… »10/17/07 2:00pm10/17/07 2:00pm

The Renault Scnic Conquest: An MPV With Off-Roading Style?

Although the "Conquest" version of Renault's little Sc nic MPV was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, we're just getting our first chance to take a gawk at this little people mover. It's what Renault's calling a "car designed with leisure pursuits and the great outdoors in mind. Its bold styling resembles that of an… »5/03/07 10:41am5/03/07 10:41am