Gold Leaf "Premium Bond" Aston Martin DB7 Tackier Than Roger Moore

Gold isn’t known to the be the most durable of materials, which is probably why over-the-top tuning firm Alchemist left it off the bumpers and rockers. The 24-carat gold leaf on this Aston Martin DB7 » 10/24/08 6:00pm 10/24/08 6:00pm is actually part platinum for longevity, but we still wouldn’t advise running it through a car wash, especially since…

Jalopnik Goes mph: Mike Austin, Guest Associate Editor For Jalopnik

Don't adjust your dials folks, we haven't warped into another universe or back to late 2005 and another website. My name is Mike Austin and l'll be filling in for Davey G. this week. He has already transferred his love of Caminos to me telepathically, so coverage of all things both car and truck will continue… » 4/24/06 10:50am 4/24/06 10:50am

Austin Rebuts! More on the MPH Ram Mega Cab Debate!

Oh, why the hell not? If it's important enough for Mike Austin to throw his editor a comeback insulting his lack of operable follicles, it's enough for us to report on. Austin's posted a response to his ed's takedown of his love of the Ram Mega Cab, acquiescing somewhat. And while you're over there, ex-Necro and… » 2/20/06 3:43pm 2/20/06 3:43pm

Internecine Strife at MPH, or What Happens When Your Editor Vehemently…

Mike Austin and Eddie Alterman, we adore you both. Y'all know that. And we like the way you've started usiing your blog; beating each other 'bout the head and whatnot. Backstory? Austin posted a bit on the Dodge Ram Mega Cab, relating it to a Merc Pullman. Alterman decried this as silly, busting out with "Perhaps… » 2/18/06 1:47pm 2/18/06 1:47pm

MPH Totally Punks Out, Brings Andy Wendler on Full-Time

Yeah, there're a few of us out there in the auto-journaling world who spent far too much of our young lives in the punk scene, notably Rides' Brian Scotto, Gearhead founder Mike LaVella, StarQuest obsessive Mike Bumbeck (who used to play pinball with Clint Conley of Mission of Burma!) and Andy Wendler of Maumee, OH's… » 12/28/05 11:57pm 12/28/05 11:57pm

MPH Picks Corvette Z06 as Top Spin of the Year

We didn't get to drive the Corvette Z06 this year (something about a "Death Watch" of some sort). If we had, the mast-topping 'Vette may have figured more prominently among our own year-end list. MPH selected the Z06 to ride atop its "Top Ten Spins of the Year," for a reason that seems obvious, at least in theory,… » 12/16/05 10:40am 12/16/05 10:40am