Ford And Microsoft Get In "Sync" To Offer Wireless Internet In Your Car

The Wall Street Journal's confirmed Bill Ford's FoMoCo and Bill Gates' MicrosoftNotMoCo will be unveiling a joint project next weekend at both the Detroit Auto Show and the Consumer Electronic something-or-the-other. We're assuming it's the same one we were talking about before — the one supposedly modeled after the… »12/29/06 1:32pm12/29/06 1:32pm

Windows for Your Scraper: Media Center in Buick Century

Bumbeck's threatening to get on his bad motor scooter and descend down the 110 from the heights of Montrose to check out Gawker Media's new San Pedro facilities. And when we think of Bumbeck, we think of two things (among other things): Sammy Hagar's pre-solo oeuvre and this classic dictum: "I have a theory that… »11/29/05 4:20am11/29/05 4:20am