Hands-On: the official Lego Ghostbusters is awesome and spot on

A few weeks ago Lego officially revealed that the next fan-designed Cuusoo set to go into production would be Brent Waller's incredibly-detailed Ghostbusters set. And while the brickmasters at Lego made a few tweaks to Waller's design, the results are still definitely worth adding to any Lego collection. » 2/16/14 11:33pm 2/16/14 11:33pm

I Just Saw the Original RoboCop for the First Time and It's AMAZING

In advance of the big RoboCop reboot opening this week (starring Joel "You're My Ride, Linden" Kinnaman!), I thought it an opportune moment to take a look back at 1987's original robot-who-is-also-a-cop masterpiece that forever cemented the idea of a robot being a cop in the public consciousness. Like, it's not normal » 2/13/14 3:59pm 2/13/14 3:59pm

The Robocop remake will shock you because it's so damn awesome

The Robocop remake, out in theaters today, is a pitch-perfect, badass update of a movie that is practically legendary. As if that weren't surprising enough, it also manages to revive that lost art of the 80s: the smart B-movie that stumbles a bit but still goes where blockbusters fear to tread. » 2/12/14 4:47pm 2/12/14 4:47pm

Lego Ghostbusters is now official!

Attenshun, Lego and Bill Murray fans all over the world! Start saving because the Keymaster has finally met the Gatekeeper and Gozer the Gozerian has materialized at Lego's headquarters in Billund, Denmark: The 30th Anniversary Ghostbuster set—designed by Lego fan Brent Waller— is going to be an official Lego product. » 1/30/14 12:36pm 1/30/14 12:36pm

F1 mashed up with Nolan's 'Interstellar' trailer is just awesome

Christopher Nolan's next project is a sci-fi tale called Interstellar. It has a great teaser trailer that's driven by a Matthew McConaughey voice-over and archival footage of key moments in the history of space exploration. Turns out, pairing F1 images with the audio track works just as well. » 1/24/14 10:15am 1/24/14 10:15am

The 20 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix Tomorrow

When the clock strikes its last midnight in 2013—or somewhere around there, anyway—dozens of movies will disappear from Netflix streaming. Fortunately, you've still got some time to churn through the ones you'll miss the most. Here's a list of the very best of the movies that'll be gone in 2014. » 12/27/13 1:48pm 12/27/13 1:48pm

New RoboCop Has Crazy Motorcycle Destruction, Chinese Electric Cars

Are you a fan of the classic RoboCop vehicles like the 6000 SUX or the 1985 Ford Taurus Robo-mobile? Well, in the new movie, Murphy will get a cooler bike than Judge Dredd, and robots will have to deal with one of the worst electric cars mankind has ever seen. » 11/07/13 11:45am 11/07/13 11:45am

Must See Formula One Documentary Will Make You Love Bernie Ecclestone.

I rarely watch movies, much less make recommendations. If I want great drama, excitement, or a human interest story, I watch motorsports. Racing has it all covered with a roller coaster of emotions from the highest of highs to lowest of lows. "1" the Formula One film, contains all these emotions and more in spades. » 11/01/13 3:56pm 11/01/13 3:56pm

Brilliant Wackos Are Acting Out "Back To The Future" On Twitter

Look, Marty McFly isn't coming back until 2015. But that doesn't mean we can't have some BTTF fun right now! The movie started out on October 25th, 1985, and last night, some brilliant wackos marked the anniversary by kicking off a real-time reenactment — on Twitter. » 10/27/13 1:42pm 10/27/13 1:42pm

Autoweek goes to the movies: "Rush"

While Jalopnik had its (successful) film festival, the boys at Autoweek piled into their dad's Country Squire, bought Red Vines and Whoppers, and snuck into Rush at the Cineplex 12 outside of town. (Some of us aren't of legal R-rated movie watching yet, but it's ok, we know the guy at the ticket window. Davey G.… » 9/25/13 2:34pm 9/25/13 2:34pm

Sex, Drugs, And Speed: Everything You Need To Know Before You See RUSH

RUSH, Ron Howard's new film about Formula One in the 1970s, might be one of the most important automotive movies of all time. But why is that? And what's it about? And what is Formula One? And why does Daniel Brühl look so pissed off? Before you go see it, this is RUSH, explained. » 9/14/13 12:00pm 9/14/13 12:00pm

Maximum Overdrive: A Terribly Awesome Awful Film

Fans of the movie Christine must have surely been thrilled for the debut of Maximum Overdrive. Fans of Stephen King must have been even more excited to see his name listed as the director, his first and only stab at directing. Unfortunately, Maximum Overdrive will forever be known as a lovable failure. » 9/12/13 4:47pm 9/12/13 4:47pm

Italian Film About Life Along A Highway, Sacro GRA, Wins Big Prize

Sacro GRA, a gorgeous Italian documentary about life along the highway that encircles Rome, has won the extremely prestigious Golden Lion award for Best Film at the Venice International Film Festival. If you ever wondered what life was like just outside your car, this is it. In raw, real form. » 9/08/13 3:01pm 9/08/13 3:01pm

Hop in a Challenger and Cruise Along this Vanishing Point Road Trip

Vanishing Point has everything you could want in a cult car classic: a naked biker chick, a sweet muscle car, a likeable radio DJ, and lots of trippy scenes. So, if you’re up for an eerie drive through the West, take your own Vanishing Point road trip. We suggest you refrain from getting hopped up on speed or promise… » 8/29/13 2:16pm 8/29/13 2:16pm

Jobs is a bad movie about a sociopath and his obsessions

Gizmodo's Kyle Wagner nails the first Jobs biopic as a bad montage of short clips that shows the mighty Apple leader as "a sociopath who systematically ruins his and others' lives, and is rewarded lavishly for it." The only thing that seems good about the movie is Ashton Kutcher (at times) and the supporting cast. » 8/15/13 11:05pm 8/15/13 11:05pm

Designing Elysium: All The Secrets of Neill Blomkamp's Stark Future

Neill Blomkamp blew our minds with District 9, and now he's back with Elysium. We talked to concept artists and the movie's VFX producer to find out how they imagined a future space station, with the help of legendary designer Syd Mead. Here's our exclusive look inside the design of Neill Blomkamp's Elysium! » 8/08/13 5:26pm 8/08/13 5:26pm