Presenting The MotorWeek 1995 Driver's Choice Awards!

On Thursday, after hours of research and huffing paint, we brought you a chart that will tell you exactly which new car to buy. But how were you supposed to do that in 1995, back when there was no Jalopnik and the Internet was only for hackers and perverts? » 5/31/13 5:30pm 5/31/13 5:30pm

Car Show We Don't Watch Names Honda Fit "Best of the Year"

PBS's MotorWeek, which is like Top Gear without humor, high production value or entertaining hosts, has named its "Drivers' Choice Awards" for 2007. Most of the choices aren't that surprising: Lexus LS as the "Best Luxury Sedan" and Ford Shelby GT500 for the "Best Performance Car." The one thing that sticks out is the Honda… » 2/12/07 4:35pm 2/12/07 4:35pm