The Ford Transit Motorhomes Are Here And They Look So Awesome

I really like motorhomes, for some reason. I bought an old one to move across the country, and ever since then my standard of true automotive luxury involves a toilet. That’s why I’m excited to see this new generation of RVs built on the Transit platform, and delighted by one particularly clever feature. »11/16/15 5:04pm11/16/15 5:04pm


1957 International Metro Motor Home Could Make Anyone Into Hunter S. Thompson

After bright red Cadillac El Dorados and desert racers, we can imagine no other vehicle more capable of evoking gonzo journalistic activities than this International Motorhome. Sure it's a little rusty now, and this particular model would require the addition of a very powerful engine and multiple drug cabinets, but… »6/03/08 4:40pm6/03/08 4:40pm

Maker of Huge-Ass RVs Considers Hybrid, Hydrogen-Assisted Powerplant

Whether you're an elderly couple who've cashed in their 401K, sold the house and hit the road, or you're the bass player in an up-and-coming indie-rock band trying to ditch that chick with the braided nether region, you know Kingsley Coach. They're a maker of high-end RVs built on heavy-duty platforms. Now the company… »8/27/07 3:04pm8/27/07 3:04pm

Volkswagen Bug Camper: Please Don't Blame it on the Drugs, Epilogue

Our story continues in the late fall of 2006 in upstate New York. Gary, now 68, puts the Volkswagen Bug camper he inherited from the estate of his lady, Janet, who was killed in a grinding scrapbooking accident, up for sale. "It's all I have left," he says, "If you don't count my collection of jaundice photos and… »12/19/06 10:50am12/19/06 10:50am