Watch A Bugatti Veyron Attack Fuji Speedway

The Bugatti Veyron sure has been in the news a lot lately for a car that is now eight years old. First the Super Sports version had its world's fastest title taken away, then the roofless Grand Sport Vitesse was named the world's fastest convertible. Now is as good a time as any to be reminded of what it can do on a… » 4/11/13 1:33pm 4/11/13 1:33pm

Which Young Ones Are Los Jalopniks?

So the other day, after I posited in the comments that I might be a poor version of the site's Vyvyan, I got to thinking, in our dysfunctional Jalopnik family, which of the Young Ones are we, actually? I mean, I might really be more Rik, or with my penchant for lentils, Neil. "We wanted to do a sitcom in which all… » 11/28/06 3:30am 11/28/06 3:30am