"Cafe Cowboy" is a unique look inside the world of custom vintage motorcycles

Benedict Campbell decided to make this well shot film profiling custom motorcycle builder Dustin Kott after meeting Kott at a Harley-Davidson photo shoot in LA. Campbell, a British filmmaker and photographer, was drawn to Kott because he was a "classic American" who rebuilds Honda motorcycles from the 70s in the… »5/29/11 11:00am5/29/11 11:00am

Watch a pro street motorcycle rider get thrown from his bike at high speed

Motorcycle drag racing is pretty insane to begin with, but trying to break into the very low seven second range on a pro street nitrous equipped Hayabusa without a wheelie bar is taking it to a new level. That is exactly what motorcycle racer Doug Witt was attempting to do when the crash you see here occurred.… »5/08/11 2:00pm5/08/11 2:00pm