The strangest racing crash you'll ever see

You won't believe how two racing motorcycles got so ridiculously tangled up during a crash at this past weekend's Promosport event at Magny-Cours. The crash continues even after the riders are off as the bikes curl around one another like a gas-powered top. C'est étrange! » 6/22/11 3:30pm 6/22/11 3:30pm

The Phoenix Dump Truck Motorcycle Deaths Were Preventable

A bill that will permit motorcycle "lane splitting" sits stalled in the Arizona legislature. Legalized lane splitting could have saved the lives of three motorcyclists killed in yesterday's horrific Phoenix crash caused by a careless dump truck driver. » 3/26/10 3:00pm 3/26/10 3:00pm

Motorcyclist Nailed Hard By Car, Survives!

We can't believe we haven't seen this epic clip from 2006 before now. Forcibly and acrobatically discharged from his motorcycle, this guy decides he's not just going to lay down and take it. » 6/15/09 4:20pm 6/15/09 4:20pm

Stop-Motion Motorcycle Collision On Tail Of The Dragon

The Tail of the Dragon, a magical stretch of road in North Carolina, has 318 curves in 11 miles. This is what happens when a motorcycle rider can't keep himself between the lines. » 3/12/09 2:30pm 3/12/09 2:30pm

So I Crashed A Motorcycle...

I don't like helicopters. I've only been in one once, and it crashed."

That's the first thing I remember saying, as the paramedic was strapping me to the back board. Apparently my argument worked because they decided to cancel the air lift and take me to the hospital by ambulance instead. » 4/18/08 4:20pm 4/18/08 4:20pm