This Is What It's Like Inside Pixar's Secret Car Show

The key thing to know about Pixar's "Motorama" car show is that it predates the movie Cars. That makes sense, if you think about it. Only a genuinely car-addled company would even make movies like Cars in the first place. It's an employees-only affair, but I managed to score an invite so I could show you the cars that… »7/23/13 4:15pm7/23/13 4:15pm

Motorama Redux: 1956 Corvette Nomad Reproduction for Sale

With Chevrolet's Nomad concept car likely never to see the daylight of production, we turn our fleeting attention span to history. The original Corvette Nomad concept, shown as part of GM's 1954 Motorama, is up for sale. With a fascia styled to resemble the 1956 Corvette, the Nomad hearkened Chevrolet's two-door… »11/13/06 9:38am11/13/06 9:38am

GM's Futurliner Brings in Record-setting $4.5 Million at Barrett-Jackson

Our top-secret Barrett-Jackson correspondent reports on the sale of GM's Futurliner — a mega-bus designed by Harley Earl and built for GM's Motorama presentations in 1950. »1/22/06 8:04am1/22/06 8:04am

Example of GM's post-war market dominance and technological prowess, or glorified Oscar Meyer Wienermobile? You make the call. [.]