Hitting The Apex Is The New Motorcycle Racing Documentary You Need To See

Mark Neale, the man behind Faster and Fastest, is at it again with another motorcycle documentary titled Hitting The Apex. Want to learn about what it means to truly chase perfection in speed? This movie tells the story of the six men who have come closest, diving into both the private and public lives of MotoGP’s… »8/31/15 8:24pm8/31/15 8:24pm

MotoGP Racer Combines His Favorite Turns Into One Track And It Looks Fun As Hell

All motorcyclists, whether you’re a MotoGP racer or Sunday Starbucks rider, have favorite corners of sections of road. For most of us, it’s that one off-ramp that you can take at full speed with your eyes closed or that section on your favorite road that is cambered just right. But what if you could combine your… »8/20/15 2:45pm8/20/15 2:45pm

Marc Marquez Has Never Lost A MotoGP Race In America

There are approximately a billionty people throwing their names it the hat for president in ‘16, but a Spaniard who can’t even run beats them all on one important record: American wins, dude. Marquez has never lost a MotoGP race on American soil, which now includes three wins at Indianapolis Motor Speedway alone.
»8/10/15 10:42am8/10/15 10:42am

Marquez On Pole For Indianapolis MotoGP Race, Sky Blue, Water Wet

In news that’s only just a tiny bit more surprising than IndyCar’s Road America announcement (read: not at all), Marc Marquez claimed yet another pole position at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a time of 1:31.884. This is the third year in a row that Marquez has been on pole at IMS. »8/08/15 4:35pm8/08/15 4:35pm

Laguna Seca Operators Speak Out Against Possible ISC Takeover

Since 1957, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca has been in the local hands of The Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula, or SCRAMP. However, Racer reports that talks started in June for the International Speedway Corporation to possibly take over the track’s operations. SCRAMP is not happy.
»8/06/15 7:14pm8/06/15 7:14pm

How Honda Botched Its $184,000 Motorcycle 

Rumors of an honest-to-god MotoGP bike for the street have been swirling for years. Imagine Red Bull making a Formula One car for the road and you can understand the level of anticipation. And, you can also imagine the level of embarrassment that would result in that vehicle flopping. Which Honda just did with the… »7/14/15 4:24pm7/14/15 4:24pm

Dog Who Interrupted MotoGP Practice Session Has Found A Loving Home

Wow. Much race. So love. This week saw a happy ending to the tale of the stray Shiba Inu mix who interrupted a practice session for the MotoGP of the Americas race in Austin. The Austin Animal Center reports that our furry friend who leans in to turns about as well as the racers has been adopted.
»4/23/15 6:05pm4/23/15 6:05pm

The MotoGP British Grand Prix Has Nowhere To Race

MotoGP originally planned to host its British Grand Prix at the new Circuit of Wales. It's not built yet, so Donington Park agreed to host the race this year. Donington now claims that the Circuit of Wales didn't meet its agreed payment deadlines for the back-up venue to host the race, so that plan is now kaput. »2/11/15 6:00pm2/11/15 6:00pm

Valentino Rossi, Fernando Alonso Had Money In Secret Swiss Bank Accounts

The Swiss arm of HSBC was one of the most private banking institutions in the world until systems engineer Hervé Falciani leaked data related to over 100,000 suspected tax evaders from his employer. Motorsports stars Valentino Rossi, Flavio Briatore, Fernando Alonso and Heikki Kovalainen were on the list of hacked… »2/09/15 3:56pm2/09/15 3:56pm

Spaniards Throwing Temper Tantrums Over Marc Márquez Moving To Andorra

Ultra-dominant two-time MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez. is doing what many other successful athletes do: moving to a tax haven. In this case, Márquez is moving to Andorra. Some Spanish fans don't like this. Let's take a look at how terrible people handle this kind of news, shall we? »12/08/14 5:52pm12/08/14 5:52pm