Marc Marquez Takes Off With Some Guy’s Scooter After MotoGP Wipeout

Qualifying is all about speed. In racing, that speed sometimes includes just how fast you can get back to the garage and fetch a backup vehicle. That’s why, when MotoGP World Championship rider Marc Marquez went down in Q2 at the Dutch Grand Prix, he saw a scooter with a key in it and took off toward his garage stall.


Circuit Of The Americas' Turn 1 Is A Real Motherfucker

My favorite vantage point at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas is overlooking Turn 1, the blind uphill left immediately after the front straight. It’s a notoriously tough corner and I love watching how different drivers (and in the case of MotoGP this weekend, riders) take their lines there. It doesn’t always end well.

Marc Marquez Told Us What He'd Rather Be Doing Than Racing (And Winning) In MotoGP

Want to know Honda’s secret sauce in their race bike, what ace racer Marc Marquez thinks about Jorge Lorenzo going to Ducati, or his thoughts on “the kick?” Yeah, so does everyone else, because all the racers keep giving canned responses. So I asked him some different questions from you guys, and got some even better…

The Little Wings On Ducati's MotoGP Bike Might Be Their Secret Weapon

When Ducati first added these little winglets to their MotoGP Desmosedici, there were lots of jokes about “hammerhead sharks” and claims about supposed lift control. But if you listen to riders, it seems they have an entirely different and dastardly purpose—to make it harder for riders who get behind it.

These Changes Are Why You Have To Start Watching MotoGP 

Do you watch MotoGP, the world’s top form of motorcycle racing? If the answer’s no, let me tell you why this coming season will be the best one to start on in many years. All it took was a few rule changes that should make the sport more open and more exciting than it’s been in a while, and since it already kicked…


Suzuki's New GSX-R1000 Is Engineered Around A Loophole In MotoGP Rules

Engineers in racing have one primary task: come up with the best possible package within the scope of the rules. And it looks like Suzuki’s clever engineers are doing just that, exploiting a loophole in MotoGP’s “no Variable Valve Timing” rule. Here’s what they’ve come up with for their new GSX-R1000.

The 2015 MotoGP Season Is Over, But The Drama Sure Isn't

Just because the 2015 MotoGP season is over doesn’t mean the bickering and drama is. Valentino Rossi has been extremely vocal about Marc Marquez’s performance, and Jorge Lorenzo claims this was Rossi’s last chance to win a championship. It’s a good thing most of these guys are 100 pounds soaking wet or things might…