Moto Guzzi’s incredible shrinking 0.5-liter V8

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of the Moto Guzzi racing team, mankind will be able to survive a powerful hit by an alien shrinking ray with our V8-powered sports cars intact. For we have The Otto, this frantic little 30½ cubic inch jewel which powered Moto Guzzi’s Grand Prix racing motorcycles from 1955 to 1957 all… » 7/19/11 3:30pm 7/19/11 3:30pm

Blackjack Zero, Now With Moto Guzzi Power

The quirky Morgan Super Sport inspired Blackjack Zero has until this point been powered by a VW flat four air cooled motor and the occasional 2CV plant. However, based on pictures on their website, it looks like Blackjack is set to sell one to hook up to Moto Guzzi power. There's no info to back anything up at this… » 4/23/08 6:15pm 4/23/08 6:15pm