100 MPG Or Bust: Motive Industries Release Renderings Of Their X PRIZE Entrant

At the Automotive X PRIZE debut party at the NY Auto Show there were a few interesting prototypes of cars their makers believed could meet the Auto X PRIZE requirements of making a marketable vehicle that gets 100 miles per gallon of dinojuice. The folks from Motive Industries were around to talk-up their proposed… »4/29/08 5:00pm4/29/08 5:00pm

Snowbound Motive Mag Demonstrates the Scandinavian Flick

I happen to live in paradise Los Angeles, but for those of you in snowy, icy northern nightmares places, you might be very interested in the driving lesson that Motive is offering. It's called the Scandinavian Flick. Rally drivers, drifters and even my brother Hollywood stuntmen are all familiar with the technique. … »1/04/08 2:45pm1/04/08 2:45pm

Anyone? Anyone? Motive?: New Online Mag Riffs on Ferris Bueller Ferrari

What happens when the VW Vortex guys collide with the now defunct MPH A-squad? You get Motive, a new online magazine that can toss off pop-media references with the best ironic referrers, while getting elbow-deep into modern car stuff. In their premiere week, Motive takes a Ferrari 250 GTO replica to the high school… »8/07/07 4:15pm8/07/07 4:15pm