Mazda Kazamai Brings "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom" To Moscow Auto Salon

We've showed you first shots of the Mazda Kazamai Concept » 8/26/08 8:30am 8/26/08 8:30am, but here's more of the "" vehicle Mazda is showing off at this year's Moscow Auto Salon. Mazda revealed the concept crossover to give the Russian market — one of the few in which SUVs are rapidly growing in popularity — a look at where the company plans to take…

Mazda Kazamai To Show Off Swirling Crosswinds In Moscow

In the spirit of "sustainable zoom-zoom" — their words, not ours — Mazda has finally revealed the Kazamai, the mystery compact crossover bowing at the Moscow International Auto Salon August 26. Kazamai means "swirling crosswinds," and if you think you're seeing a heaping helping of Nagare design language, you're spot-on.… » 7/15/08 8:30am 7/15/08 8:30am

Jalopnik Poll: The China Show's Got Booth Babes Too!

Yes, that's right, it would appear in addition to capitalism, the Chinese have also learned about the importance of selling metal with flesh. But unlike some of the other shows, the booth babes of Beijing's China Auto Show appear to be of a more classy variety than a couple of the other second-tier shows, like say... » 11/30/06 1:46pm 11/30/06 1:46pm

Jalopnik Poll: Auto Show Booth Babes From The Land Of Borscht Versus…

The Jalopnik team fortuitously met a reporter by the name of (Liza) while in Paris at last month's auto show. She works for an up-and-coming Russian auto site by the name of, and I've kept in touch with her since we came back a few weeks ago. While talking to young Liza this morning, she wanted to let me… » 10/12/06 5:00pm 10/12/06 5:00pm