Duesenberg SJ, The Mormon Meteor

One of the standout attractions for us at this year's 2008 Meadow Brook Concours D'Elegance was the Duesenberg SJ known as the Mormon Meteor. Just say the name and you practically have chills. Rightfully so, as few American cars have ever demonstrated such beauty alongside such brutal and uncompromising technical… » 8/04/08 3:00pm 8/04/08 3:00pm

"Mormon Meteor" Duesenberg SJ Special Takes Pebble Beach Best in Show

It set a 24-hour speed record in 1935, hitting 135.58 miles per hour. Sixty-nine years later, The Duesenberg SJ Special "Mormon Meteor" sold for $4.45 million at a Pebble Beach Auction held by Gooding and Company. Now owned by Harry Yeaggy of Cincinnati, it's won the approval of the seersucker'd set at Pebble, taking… » 8/20/07 6:19am 8/20/07 6:19am