Morgan Stanley Thinks Self-Driving Cars Will Bring Utopia by 2026

The term "techno-utopian" is helpful for referring to people who believe technology alone can solve the world's problems. The term is rarely used literally. But if the financial services company Morgan Stanley is to be believed, driverless cars will literally bring about a utopian society in just over a decade. »2/25/14 7:33pm2/25/14 7:33pm


Breaking! Morgan Stanley Loves Debt, Gives Ford Upgrade

Morgan Stanley's auto analyst Jonathan Steinmetz upgraded shares of FoMoCo stock today from "equal weight" to "overweight" — a term we've heard is good, but only when it's not from Edy's Gourmet ice cream. Steinmetz points to the automaker's liquidity and a "path to sustainable cash flow" as his reasons for upgrading… »12/19/06 11:44am12/19/06 11:44am