The Guys Behind The Greatest Craigslist Ad Discover The Power Of Sex

Over a year ago, we reported on a Craigslist ad for a used Grand Am that set a template for a huge number of copycat ads since: unicorns, grand claims of virility, vast life-quality improvement, and unmitigated beard growth. Now they're at it again, with a $50 scooter and the power of the human form. »6/20/13 12:32pm6/20/13 12:32pm

New Study Reports 39% Of Moped Accidents Caused By Intoxicated Drivers

A new study presented to the American College of Surgeons found that 39% of moped drivers sustaining accident injuries had a blood-alcohol level greater than .05 mg/dL — more than one-and-a-half times the number of intoxicated car or motorcycle drivers. So what's the deal? Mopeds (in this case, we presume they're… »10/13/08 5:00pm10/13/08 5:00pm

Toothless Old Guy Builds 50 MPG Engine-Powered Tricycle, CNN Thinks It's Newsworthy

Auto mechanic Bobby Stags has created a tricycle outfitted with a gas engine in his effort to combat the rapidly rising cost of gas. What's it mean to his bottom line? How about 50 MPG fuel economy? Hmm, although CNN's team appeared besides themselves over this great invention, it doesn't sound quite so breaking to… »7/14/08 5:20pm7/14/08 5:20pm