2009 Mopar Drift Dodge Challenger Slides Into SEMA

In an attempt to expand the appeal of the 2009 Dodge Challenger »11/05/08 1:00pm11/05/08 1:00pm to every corner of the automotive enthusiast world, Chrysler has unveiled the Mopar Drift Dodge Challenger that will be piloted by Samuel Hübinette during the 2009 Formula Drift season. In order to prep the car for FD, the Challenger dropped a significant…


Dodge Challenger Super Stock Drag Package Available For Order...If You're Man Enough

We're stoked that Chrysler is offering a Dodge Challenger Drag Pak »9/17/08 10:40am9/17/08 10:40am turn-key racer, but how exactly do you go about ordering one from your local Dodge dealer? Since these mighty Mopars are going to be limited production, you gotta prove you're worthy. First, you're required to submit your application in writing to a…

Speedfactory Cars Blows SRT8 Challenger, Sees 495 Rear-Wheel HP

The peaches over at Speedfactory Cars out in Georgia have employed the magic of forced induction to achieve 495 HP at the rear wheels of a Dodge Challenger SRT8. Using a centrifugal supercharger sending boost through an air-to-water intercooler, Speedfactory's dyno graph also shows maximum torque output of about 451… »6/16/08 10:40am6/16/08 10:40am