Volvo's Anti-Kangaroo Technology Will Be Useful Way Beyond Australia

Rural Australian drivers don’t really have to worry about psychotic motorcyclists as much as Mad Max you lead you to believe. But they do have a scourge far more deadly; evil beasts called kangaroos. Volvo’s tech to deal with them could be a huge leap in collision-avoidance. »10/30/15 7:40pm10/30/15 7:40pm


Volvo Shows Off The Latest In Cutting-Edge Moose Evasion Technology

The people of Sweden enjoy a high quality existence that includes universal health care, neat names full of letters we don't get, and Ikea furniture. There is, however, one threat to the Swedish way of life that stands above all others. I am, of course, talking about Alces alces, better known as the moose. »7/08/13 12:32pm7/08/13 12:32pm