The Lunar Rover: Hoons on the Moon!

We love vehicles with tires made from metal mesh. And, hey, the Lunar Rover was electric-powered, so it's eco-friendly (though for that real green feeling you might want to replace the batteries with rechargeable units). The link below takes you to a super-cool panorama of the Apollo 16 landing site, featuring the… » 6/22/07 6:00pm 6/22/07 6:00pm

Mopar Obscura: The Dodge Superlight!

Hearkening back to the boundless optimism of the American space-age is the Dodge Superlight. Available as an option on the absolute biggest of the Dodge fleet, the Superlight was an early version of now fairly commonplace HID automobile lighting. The option was dropped in 1970 after various legal challenges on the… » 5/07/07 6:00pm 5/07/07 6:00pm