Why Is One Of The NBA's All-Time Greatest Scorers Working As A Crossing…

Day after day, Adrian Dantley hangs out on a street corner in his hometown, like some cliché of a pitiful ex-ballplayer years after his athletic prime. But Dantley's neither a cliché, nor is he pitiful. He's a crossing guard. » 3/15/13 12:50pm 3/15/13 12:50pm

This Transformers Camaro is a cop car in disguise

If you're speeding through Cut-and-Shoot, Texas and notice a murdered-out 2010 Camaro with a silver Transformers logo at the peak of its hood DO NOT attempt to race it, because it will quickly transform into one vicious police interceptor. » 3/07/11 12:30pm 3/07/11 12:30pm