Day Of The Cat: 1973 Lincolns And Mercuries Greet The Dawn Of Malaise!

The cage door creeeeeaks open, (perhaps suggesting the rust that will soon assail most Malaise Lincolns and Mercuries), and the angry mountain lion struts out into a field full of parked cars. The Continental... the Marquis... Montego... Comet... Cougar... they're all here, and they're all packing more bloat and less… » 5/05/08 11:00am 5/05/08 11:00am

Ass-Kicking Mercury Of The Day: Race Cars!

Enough Mercury-themed gloom and doom! In spite of FoMoCo's indistinct branding and forgotten-stepchild neglect of their once-proud "personal luxury" division, plenty of gasoline-pumping hearts have beat faster when their owners mashed the gas on a heated-up Mercury. Left turners! Quarter-milers! Dirt-trackers! You… » 3/27/07 10:04am 3/27/07 10:04am

Ford's New Bull Is Official: Exit The Five Hundred, Enter The Taurus

Yup folks, it's now official. We sent our intrepid young Chi-town connection, Matt Hardigree down to snap some pictures of Mark Fields dropping a load of bull on the crowd. And hey, this time it's actually appropriate to say that — go, us! That gallery's below. There's nothing much more to say other than what the… » 2/07/07 10:49am 2/07/07 10:49am

It's Sort Of Official: Introducing The Ford Taurus, Taurus X And…

Well, when you hear it on BlueOvalNews it must be true. According to the fan site all about FoMoCo, they've got the press release before the press conference — the five hundred will be no more for 2008. Instead, the Dearborn, MI based automaker will be bringin' FleetSalesBack (yeah!), and bringing back the Taurus… » 2/07/07 9:07am 2/07/07 9:07am