Here's Some Of The Worst Monster Truck Names Ever

Just like it says in the Constitution, monster truck ownership is a privilege, not a right. That means there’s a certain obligation on the monster truck owner to hold up their end of the deal, and one crucial part of that responsibility is to give your monster truck a bitchin’ name. Here’s five that failed to do just… »Yesterday 3:53pm11/24/15 3:53pm


The First Monster Trucks Were Made By A Rocket Fuel Company

If we think of ‘monster trucks’ as regular pickup trucks that grow massive lower appendages due to intense monsterization, then I think we can say that one of the unsung early innovators if this trend was none other than Thiokol, makers of the Juggernaut. Oh, and there’s a DeLorean link here, too. »Friday 10:46am11/20/15 10:46am

Monster Truck Pulls Off Double Backflip

Monster truck driver Tom Meents pulled off a double backflip tonight at Gillette Stadium, something which is apparently a pretty big deal (Meents failed on his previous three attempts) and looks pretty cool, regardless. Like most Monster Jam events, it’s another example of destroying an automobile in the most… »6/21/15 12:00pm6/21/15 12:00pm